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Montana is on fire.

And I hope it burns.

But not really; that's mean.



The path from Utah to Seattle, WA was full of failures. As in, I failed a whole bunch. Also, they are failures. But only really Montana. Fuck Montana.

First I went into Wyoming, which was a bit out of the way, but yay Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, right? Wrong. Apparently the one month Yellowstone closes in this season just so happened to fall a couple days after I had gotten there. Fall into winter just isn't the season to travel to nature things, I guess. We live and we learn. I did get to see some lazy moose. That was exciting.


Idaho Falls, ID really didn't have much going for it, either. Except that I got to make ho jokes on social media. I talked to some guy who worked at a jewelry store for a little while, and he confirmed that there's pretty much nothing in Idaho. He told me a good city to go to for potatoes.

Missoula, MT was pretty. The forests were really cool, mixed with the mountains and the blue sky.
It smelled like woodsmoke, which I love. But then I realized it was actually the woods smoking, because they were on fire. Everywhere there were contained fires in the forests. I really don't know why.
I spent most of my time at a coffee shop, figuring (freaking) out finances. I got to talk to my dad though, who was super encouraging. It was nice to talk to him after being so stressed. Then I got pulled over. For going 10 over, on a main highway, in the fast lane, in Montana (which didn't even have speed limits on their highways until a couple years ago!) I was pretty confused already, even more-so when they gave me a ticket instead of a warning. It was only $20, but it's the principle of the matter! Dumb. I guess a 12 week road trip is going to end up with some sort of driving mistakes.

In general, driving around makes it difficult to see certain nature sites in this season. If I have a 5 hour drive, often it'll be almost dark by the time I get there. Not conducive to hiking trails or wading through water to get to places. I missed seeing Palouse Falls in WA for that reason, along with a few other places. At least, driving around without staying in a hotel or motel makes it difficult. I don't particularly want to stay in a place doing nothing and try and find somewhere to sleep just to see a waterfall in the morning for a few minutes. But that's also a bit of the beauty of how I'm doing this trip. I'm not allowing myself to cling to these "failures." (Which they're really not, and they just keep happening.) Just accept it, let it go, and move on.


Hahaha. Butt.

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