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Sleepless in Seattle

Plus a couple of 17 year olds, and minus the romance.

Making it to the West Coast was actually pretty astonishing. The realization of how far away I'd driven was pretty cool, and being on the opposite coast, pretty much exactly across, was surreal. I was meant to stay with one couchsurfing host in Seattle, but it actually worked out super well that he flaked because I ended up staying with some really amazing people, with some really amazing friends.

Though their not-so-amazing "friends" consisted of a couple very drunk 17 years olds who showed up at their door in the middle of the night, hellbent on getting one of the guys to hook up with them, when all he wanted to do was go to bed. I mostly observed, until one of the girls (who claimed to be "22, no 20, no I lied, 20") was violently trying to break into a room with a glass door, precariously placed in front of expensive gadgets. Years of being a resident adviser came in handy there. Interesting introduction to this house of 8 dudes, one of which who literally lives in the backyard.

The next day I spent my time with my host's (Joe) roommates, Ian, Luke, and Sam. They showed me Ravenna Park, Gas Works Park (where 10 Things I Hate About You was filmed! The not-on-purpose of going there made it so much better--SLC is mentioned in that movie), the Fredmont Troll, Olympia Statue Park, the Space Needle, and Pike Place Market.


That night we went to their friend's birthday party, where I taught them Cheers Gov'na, and briefly fell asleep on Sam's leg. Life of the party right here. The 17 year old fiasco had kept me up all night, and I didn't sleep in the next morning. Somehow I managed to stay out with everyone when they went to a bar, and I guess my sleepy demeanor didn't dissuade a rando Physics PhD student from Scarsdale (that's near my old college) from hitting on me. He looked like a very confused puppy when I didn't come back from the bathroom.

I really loved the guys I stayed with. Their house was dirty as hell, as you would expect from 8 men, but they were really welcoming and fun. I wish I'd had more time to spend there, but we're still in touch so maybe some day!

Seattle was not for sleeping. At all.


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