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(Look how Portland I am.)

Aside from large-framed glasses and apathetic attitudes, Portland has some really beautiful surrounding nature. I met up with my friend from college, Greg. We went to a vista house, because we'd heard it was gorgeous. But when we got there, you could literally see nothing the mist was so thick.
Just as we gave up and began to drive away, we noticed that there was visibility spontaneously, so we went back.
It was really incredible how the mist could just blow in one second, and out the next. It was so cool to watch happen.

We were attempting to go to find Multnomah Falls, but got lost along the way. When the road ended, we were at a trailhead, so we took an impromptu hike in the rain. Naturally, we didn't stay on the trail very long and headed into the trees. The soggy, soft wood and streams ended up soaking us as we tried to maneuver around, but it was fun.

The Historic Highway we took around there was gorgeous. It was full blown Fall in Oregon, and everything was covered in a slick blanket of yellow.

We got around to seeing two different waterfalls. Even though it was a rather touristy place, it was beautiful. And we got to have cocoa!

WaterFALL, get it? Get it?!

Portland is apparently known for strip clubs, food trucks, and the green man. The green man is a myth that I don't fully understand, but it's quirky and cool (obviously; it's Portland). They had lots of weird little art/statues/shops/restaurants that I wish I'd spent more time exploring.

Portland goes from city-ish to suburbia-ish fairly quick. I was staying in a suburban area with Greg. And Greg lives with his roommate from his first college, his roommate's wife, and their two kids. Staying with them was fun. I got to play with the kids and watch the guys chop down a tree. Oh, Portland.

Greg had wanted to come to the Redwood Forest with me, camp out, then hike in the morning. His getting back to OR after became an issue, so we decided to just camp out near Mt. Hood, hike in the morning, and then I'd go to the Redwood by myself. Since I had "lost" my two person tent in my cellar back home, I went to go buy one. Finding a two person tent for someone Greg's height is ridiculously hard. (I, on the other hand, have no problems fitting into any size tent.) As I'm contemplating whether to buy it or not, some fairly attractive, very Portlandia-looking men that I had seen in the store were getting into the car in front of mine. I vaguely watched them begin to pull away from the curb, glanced down, and THUNK. They hit my car. (Very lightly.) He was obviously embarrassed, and there was no damage on my SUV from his dinky car, so I just took his name and number down. One of his friends joked he did it just to get my number, and I was offered to be taken out to a meal. I really hope that wasn't actually a pick-up tactic. It could have gone very wrong. Though we did try to make plans to hang out, since I thought it'd make a great story to go on a date with a guy who hit my car. Our schedules ended up too opposite.

Having only been platonic friends, Greg and I had an oddly romantic time. We went out for dinner before going camping, where we had some really great wine, so Greg bought a bottle of it. We'd basically planned to go trespass on a farm he used to work on and get drunk in the woods. So adult of us, no? The farm gate was padlocked, so we found a random little clearing and set up camp. Not having a lantern, I used a candle. The way the trees reached up to the sky perfectly framed the stars. And the stars themselves were like diamond dust that had been tossed into the air. We sat on pillows in our tent drinking wine and sky gazing, only the candlelight competing with the stars. It was cold cold cold that night and the next morning, so we had a pretty slow start to our planned hiking day. We had breakfast at Zigzag cafe, then hiked around Mirror Lake.
After our crazy windy hike, we were freezing and headed to Timberline Lodge for some hot cocoa and a fire. Pretty ideal. Apart from the wind and ice that nearly knocked us over.

With all the temperature changes, I ended up fevery for the next night and waited until it passed to head to California.

SO Portland

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