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Uncomfortable in Utah; Religion makes me queasy

Mormons have 'soaking' like Catholics have 'anal non-sex,' 'we're still pure, we promise.'

I was nervous that getting into Utah was going to bring back the flat farmland of the Midwest, but it didn't! All I knew about Utah was that Mormons exist. Colorado reminded me of a cartoon, generically. Utah reminded me of the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoon. The red, red rock cliffs and such made me think of when they're running around, falling off cliffs.


Thankfully I did not fall off. I took some detours around Moab, exploring the rocks. It was fun climbing them (and not falling off.) I didn't happen upon Arches National Park, with that famous vaginal-looking arch. It really doesn't look like a vagina, but it did when I tried to draw it in my journal. There were also pretty mountains, similar to ones I'd seen in CO. I'm really glad to have detoured around, because the actual drive to Salt Lake City was pretty boring. My second SLC! But I wasn't as excited about this one.
This was my first couchsurfing of the trip. For those who don't know, couchsurfing.org is a travelling community website where you can find free places to crash with like-minded people or offer to host people travelling. I'd requested a couple people, but wasn't really planning on staying so I didn't make much of an effort. However, I had two people reach out to offer me a place to stay, which is always nice, albeit weary-making when you're a small female travelling alone. My minor worries were for naught. Both guys turned out to be really nice. The first person I met up with, we'll call him Neil because that's his name on couchsurfing and I can't pronounce or spell his Indian name, showed me around a bit. He'd lived there on and off for upwards of 10 years. There wasn't much to see, honestly. I got there after dark, so he showed me the capitol building all lit up and then took me up to this neighborhood on a hill where you could see all of SLC. That was really pretty. The house next to it had really reflective windows, so I got a double view of the city. He showed me a stance trick for stability with my camera. That was nice.
Then we went to Temple Square; aka Mormonland. As a non-Mormon you're not allowed inside the temple, which makes sense. It's meant to be the place of God, further than just a church, and even Mormons have to go through rituals before entering. Talking to the missionaries was actually pretty interesting, and they were really nice. (And really, obscenely pretty. As was the temple.) As many jokes as Neil and I made about Mormons, they painted their religion well. Apparently he has a few friends who grew up Mormon then turned Rastafarian. A little different, I guess.


But I mean, still kind of weird.

Across from Temple Square was a mall-type area. It had a dancing, flaming fountain! It was so cool. It moved to the music, occasionally spouting flames too.

Then we met up with the person that I stayed with, Ken. We all grabbed dinner then headed to his place for a beer. Ken was such a sweetheart. Staying with him kind of felt like staying at a hotel. He gave me fresh, folded blankets, pillows, and towels. He even made me a smoothie in the morning! He had a really nice place, too. He was from Texas, but had been living in a few places on and off. He just moved to SLC a month or so ago.


Aaaaaaaaand. . .

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