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A Soft Start

SLC, Philly, Pittsburg, Cleveland, and Lake Bluff

So I definitely cushioned my beginning, which isn't necessarily a bad thing considering I was starting from a very settled point.

My first stop was my (ex-)school, Sarah Lawrence. I'd been back for a weekend last month and it felt weird, so this time I only stayed one night and avoided being actually on the campus to just see the few people I was there to see. It worked for the most part, but sunglasses really aren't that good of a disguise, no matter what all the movies say. A friend offered to wrap my head in a scarf, but I thought that might attract more attention given that it was over 70 degrees and sunny.

(We went laser tagging and got tops because I'm sassy.)

I left the next day, taking my friend Dévi from SLC with me to her house just outside Philly.
image.jpeg IMG_3382.jpg

Philadelphia is like a midget NYC. Everything was about half, maybe 3/4, the size and much slower. It was cute once you got past the somewhat run down outskirts. And the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song was stuck in my head the second we drove through (in) West Philadelphia (born and raised, on the playground was where I spent most of my days).

We got drinks at a dive bar (called Dive Bar...how clever) in the city with Guido, someone I graduated with from SLC.

Now, I don't really know Guido that well (or I should say I didn't know him that well) but somehow we were having very open conversations that the 38 year old mutton-chopped bartender (after a few hours) decided to chime in on. In fairness, he was being very flattering to me, but the spontaneity of his comments made the whole thing hilarious (and embarrassing).

Some key words: yoink, UTI, bar top, monogamy, red wing, promiscuity, whiskey dick, and tampon.
Despite what you may be thinking, these words were only thinly related.

The first big drive (and maybe the biggest that I'll have) was about 13 hours from Philly to Lake Bluff, IL. I made a quick pit-stop in Pittsburg (get it? get it??) and another one in Cleveland. Pittsburg didn't really seem like much, just another city. But Cleveland was really cute.

image__3_.jpeg image__4_.jpeg image__5_.jpegIMG_3415.jpg

I say this was a soft start because I haven't really had to be on my own yet, apart from driving to Illinois. But I've just gotten to Chicago, where I'll stay with a distant acquaintance I haven't seen in years and explore the city more on my own.

So stay tuned, it'll probably get more interesting.

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