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The windy city isn't named because it's breezy out, but it's still pretty damn breezy.


I'm a big fan of Chicago, which is good since I'm considering grad school here. It could be the cute coffee shops, or the hipster bars, maybe the brief 3-day fling I had with a very interesting military-man-turned-college-frat-boy who keeps both a pistol and a lava lamp on his bedside dresser, but it definitely has to do with the general atmosphere in the city. I've been staying with an acquaintance who went to SLC with me, but transferred out after sophomore year, in Lincoln Park. She's been an absolute angel letting me stay, given we didn't know each other in any significant capacity, and I'm so grateful for it. This trip has made me realize the real plausibility of what I mentioned to the 2014 graduating class at SLC in my commencement speech, that they should reach out to their classmates in the future and be able to count on them to reach back. The response from my fellow graduates, current students, and even those who only attended SLC for a short amount of time, has been really heart-warming. Of course, the response generally from my friends, family, and acquaintances has been great. Love you guys.

And I adore Lincoln Park. The streets are cute, I love the architecture, and all the shops (even though I hate shopping) actually look pretty welcoming. The loop is also great, but has more of a city feel than this area. It's nice to have it so close, but not be exactly in it. It kind of reminds me of what Brooklyn is to NYC. Not too shabby. I had a feeling I would like it here far before ever even coming here, based off of second-hand reviews. And then again when I was driving in at night and saw how beautiful the city looked all lit up. It's a special kind of place that can make you feel like you're coming home the first time you've been there.



(I've never held a real gun before. It was terrifying.)

The first night, Lola, my SLC acquaintance, brought me along for her roommate's birthday dinner. The sushi place we went to was cute, but I expected it to be a little dingy with the $3 anything happy hour. I was pleasantly surprised when the rolls were not only above basic, but were pretty damn good. Later we went to Headquarters Beercade, a bar with a bunch of old arcade games. I was super excited about the games before I got there, and even more excited as my alcohol intake increased. Of course, making out against a pinball machine is every wannabe 90s girl's dream.


The next day I spent a good amount of time chilling in a coffee shop, writing in my journal, then walking around the area. When Lola got out of class, we went into the loop to do an interview at the Chicago Tribune, inside the offices, while the newsroom was in full swing. I hear that's a pretty difficult thing to get to do, and it was really cool. The sports editor, Lee Gordon, had some really interesting stories from his past and recommendations for people just breaking out into the work world. Michigan Avenue is pretty pretty. Then pizza. OMG, pizza. Now, I love pizza. The flat, greasy (though I'm a blotter and I'm not sorry), cheesy kind. Deep dish pizza is on a whole 'nother level. Pizza is pizza. Deep dish pizza is pizza pie. It was delicious, but definitely a once-in-a-while type deal. Regular pizza could easily happen everyday.


TRIBUNE and sELfies on the EL


I saw the Bean, and the skyline, and took some touristy photos of the downtown area. Had lunch at a really great vegetarian place, made egg and tofu fried rice for dinner while Lola worked on her new weave, and then went to a frat party. I've been to two frat parties, ever. One in high school, and one now that I've graduated college. Being out of school now, it wasn't really my scene and we didn't stay very long, but it was definitely worth making the appearance.





Now I'm off to Champaign, IL to check out another grad school before moving on to St Louis.

See ya there!

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Love all the pics!!! No more guns!! Miss you! xoxo

by lpierce

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