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A Sore Throat and a Strip Club

So far I've lost a toothbrush, a pair of flip flops, and a little of my dignity.


Since I rerouted from Chicago (where I left 1 of 3 toothbrushes I brought) to visit someone in Minnesota, it gave me a long stretch of north-bound travel without any mini-destinations between. My cousin's best friend Brandon recently moved to Nebraska, so I figured I'd give it a shot and see if he lived near where I'd be driving through. Turns out he did!
Now Brandon and I have...a checkered past? We fight like cats and dogs and, until I went to NE, weren't even Facebook friends. This has been going on for about 3 years. We get put in the same room and we're just assholes to each other. I blame it on my pretentiousness and his general douchiosity (so douchey it requires a new word. So douchey he was on the Real World. But actually.) We started out on the wrong foot all those years ago, and never quite got on the right one. But I have always known that he is actually a pretty good guy, and I figured it would be nice to pay him a visit. So I vowed to try and not be mean at all, which entails curbing my typical sarcastic snide comments that he for some reason can't take for a joke. (I'm funny! I swear!)

I arrive in Elkhorn, the stubborn town that refuses to be counted as Omaha despite being slowly engulfed, and immediately get lost. The streets are really strangely laid out, and streets that don't touch each other at all have the same names. Even my GPS was confused. But I get there eventually, and despite all that I said above, we have always been kind to each other when it matters so it's really not uncomfortable. We hang at his friends' place for a few hours. I am so okay with the couch, beer, and videogame deal. I'm not feeling great, kind of fevery and I've had a bit of a sore throat, so sitting and relaxing is nice. Brandon makes a really big deal about me seeing a Nebraskan sunset, but this is the only glimpse I see. (I guess we were too relaxed!)
It's still beautiful.

We head on back to his house so I can shower and we can go meet his friend downtown for drinks.


The bar was cool. His friend, Alex, bought the first round, and the third, and the fourth....(I bought the second.)


(This is Brandon.)

I actually lost track of how many drinks I had over the course of the night, since many of them were accompanied by a shot. Whiskey cures a sore throat, right? Alex was a really cool guy, with a crazy back story. Originally German, from Berlin, he moved to Seattle at 16 for school. At 17 he was married to a 24 year old, and sometime later divorced. When his student visa was almost up and he realized he didn't want to leave, he joined the army. His slight build put him at a disadvantage, but he managed to prove himself and get put into special ops. He shared a bit more with me, but I don't feel quite right sharing it with all of you. So just take it from me that he gets more interesting. He has lived in Omaha for the past 7 or so years, managing a jewelry store and promoting. A lot of the bar was military, actually. This trip seems to be really pushing the military presence in my life, which is new for me.

I feel like I'm actually meeting quite a few insanely interesting people. I've always considered every person I meet to be interesting, because I just think people as people are fascinating, but these people are truly remarkable. And it's hard not to divulge every detail about them, since they're just so interesting that I want everyone to know they exist. But I feel rude doing that, so this is the most you'll get. Another girl I met, Raquel, was really cool too. We only talked briefly, and mostly about our tattoos, but I hope someday we meet again. (We made drunk, excited plans to. We'll see what actually happens.)

While I was talking to a guy they lovingly call Rufio, the gents were chatting amongst themselves. I start hearing a "Katie. Katie. Katie?" and look up.
"Want to go to a strip club?"
Uh. Yeah.
I doubt they knew I've wanted to go to a gentlemen's club for awhile now, but Nebraska is as good a place as any!

Alex kept buying me drinks, and trying to convince me that one more day is a good idea. The club itself wasn't bad. I was the only female nonworker there, so the patrons kept staring, but it was a decent looking place. The first stripper looked bored. But could dance. The second dancer, oh my god, could move it. I want to be able to move like that!! Nuts. No pun intended. (Pub always intended.)

I left the flipflops and dignity in Brandon's car. Flipflops just accidentally. Dignity because I had had way too much to drink and near to nothing to eat all day. (I vomited behind my hand, onto my lap. Still unclear if it was noticed. I cleaned it all up that night sneakily. I am a mature adult..)

Viva la roadtrip

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Oh My Goodness, we are having FUN!!!! We are missing you and living through your blog, lol xoxoxox

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